Adventures cost $89.99 per adult. Seniors 65+ and kids 5-12 are $74.99 Children under 5 are free. Customized, Private Adventures begin at $150 per person but may cost more depending upon the length and content of the tour. Contact us to arrange a Customized Adventure.

Yes and no. There are tours that are much more expensive and others that are less. There are even ones that are free! We are firm believers that you get what you pay for and our Adventures are worth every penny.

Seriously! An Adventure can be many things and we’re deliberately ambiguous about the details because Adventures change often for a variety of reasons. Plus, if you knew EVERYTHING in advance, how adventurous would that be?! However, if you simply MUST have some additional details, expect to go places you wouldn’t go on a typical tour and meet the real New Yorker’s who make those places exceptional. That might mean a round of drinks at a historic tavern near Wall Street or a chat with a working actor in Times Square about what it’s like to make a living on Broadway. Also, how do you feel about sing-alongs? And drag queens? And drag queen sing-alongs? Are you starting to get the picture?

ALMOST anything (don’t get cheeky).

We will often make a stop for a light snack or special treat, time permitting. But these are not “Food Tours” and you shouldn’t count on food being provided.

Yes, we will make a quick restroom stop during your Adventure.

Appropriate footwear is KEY! Sneakers are strongly recommended. Take the weather into consideration and use your best judgment with respect to comfortable attire. A water bottle is a good idea, too!

You should plan to spend approximately three hours on your Adventure.

The best tour is the one that you’re most excited about! However, if you have children with you, we recommend Central Park.

We LOVE kids! If you want to bring your little ones, that’s great. Kids 5 and under are free when accompanied by a paying adult, and children 5-12 are only $85. That said, periodically, we will make stops in places kids might not be permitted (a historic pub, for example). So, please let us know if you will have minors with you on your Adventure so we can plan accordingly.

Totally! HOWEVER:

1.) Certain places might not be wheelchair accessible so please let us know if anyone is using a wheelchair, etc &

2.) It is a walking tour and while we do make periodic stops to rest if you don’t think you can be on your feet comfortably for four hours, contact us directly and we will HAPPILY help you find something that works for you- even if it isn’t one of our Adventures!

If you cancel with at least 48 hours notice, we will issue you a refund. With less than 48 hours notice no refunds will be issued.

If it’s a Customized Adventure and we are in a place where smoking is permitted, sure.

If it’s a Group Adventure, no. Sorry.

We LOVE dogs…. but, no. Unless it’s a service dog it can’t accompany you on your adventure. And if you DO happen to have a licensed service dog you’ll need to bring along, contact us in advance and give us a quick heads up!

Neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night will deter us from taking you to awesome places. Unless it’s a legit blizzard or hurricane- the show can and will go on.

Email us at info@followmenycadventures.com. If you have already booked a tour, you’ll also receive an email with our contact information in it. Please contact us if you have questions.

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